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HOLLYWOODREPORTERThe cable network’s flagship drama, which saw a time slot shuffle in its sophomore return, will be back again in 2015.

A&E will check back into Bates Motel. The cable network has renewed the dark drama for a third season.

“The incredible writing team and talented ‘Bates Motel’ cast has made this series one of the most compelling original dramas on television,” said network executive vice president and general manager David McKillop. “The brilliant twists and turns of the past two seasons keep its loyal fan base coming back for more. We are so proud of the show.”
Bates Motel’s sophomore run opened in the 9 p.m. hour of Monday nights before the shuffling of Those Who Kill off to Lifetime Movie Network returned it to its 10 p.m. time slot. With live-plus-7 ratings now available for the March 3 premiere, the series has earned 4.6 million viewers and 2.6 million adults 18-49. It remains the network’s top drama to date in the key demo.
The Psycho prequel joins a scripted roster that also includes Longmire. The network last year canceled The Glades — its first and previously longest-running original drama series — after its fourth season. Word of a renewal comes as little surprise.
A&E has been continuing its push into original scripted fare but hit a bump with Those Who Kill. The Chloe Sevigny drama, paired with Bates, failed to draw an audience and was pulled after the series lost half of its viewership in week two. (A&E eventually moved the series to sibling network LMN.)
Produced by Universal Television for A&E Network, with Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin serving as executive producers for Carlton Cuse Productions and Kerry Ehrin Productions respectively, Bates Motel will return in 2015. The current season is scheduled to run through May 5.

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Sam Claflin & Olivia Cooke talk new film The Quiet Ones, snogging ghosts and show us their best scary whispers

Earlier this week we sat down for a chat about all things spooky with the stars of new horror flick The Quiet Ones, Sam Claflin (of The Hunger Games fame) and Olivia Cooke.

Rather than get them to tell you what the movie is all about in a normal fashion, however, we thought it would be fun for them to describe the plot in their scariest whispers.

We also got them to play snog, marry, avoid with famous ghosts, reveal if they were scared they’d ACTUALLY create a poltergeist while filming (which is what the characters do) and give us their best terrified faces.

Watch the video with Sam Claflin

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Olivia Cooke talks at The Quiet Ones premiere about working with Sam Claflin, why we should expect Bates Motel Season 3, working with Vera Farmiga, what we can expect from her character Emma Decody and Norman Bates in future episodes of Bates Motel and why her favourite horror movies include The Woman In Black, Paranormal Activity & Insidious.

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VIRGINMEDIA.COMOlivia Cooke and her ‘Ouija’ co-stars had to send a set assistant to check out an empty room as they were convinced they had heard a ghost.

Olivia Cooke was convinced she heard a ghost while filming ‘Ouija’.

The British actress admits she and her castmates were so nervous about the unexplained noises, they asked a set assistant to go and check an empty room.

She said: “Just before Christmas we were in a bedroom filming and there was noise going on upstairs. We sent a PA to go up and ask whoever was up there, could you just hold the work? She went up and then came back down and told us there was no-one up there!”

As well as shooting ‘Ouija’, ‘The Bates Motel’ actress is currently promoting horror/thriller ‘The Quiet Ones’ – which also stared Sam Claflin and Jared Harris – and can be seen in sci-fi ‘The Signal’ later this year, but she insists she isn’t only drawn to supernatural stories.

She said: “I think I’m drawn to the characters more so I think I’m definitely moving away from horror. ‘The Signal’ was sci-fi so that was more of a branch out, but I love thriller, I love sci-fi and I’d love to explore that more but I think I’m just open to anything.”

And the actress admitted to finding filming ‘The Quiet Ones’ very different to her role as Emma in American series ‘The Bates Motel.’

She told BANG Showbiz: “There’s a lot of me crying in it, so I was emotionally drained. With the stunts and when I was attacking people I had like bruises and cuts all over me and I knew I had worked hard that day.

“I didn’t really prepare myself for the intense scary scenes, I kind of just threw myself into it. I just went in to it expecting nothing and tried to react off what the surroundings were. When you read a script it’s always so different to what you actually do so I just went in open to everything.”

‘The Quiet Ones’ opens in cinemas on April 10th.

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Thanks to FarFarAwaySite for this picture

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4 scans from SFX Magazine have been added to the gallery . You can read below a transcript from the interview .

Screaming Like A Girl
Olivia Cooke enters the House of Hammer

Tell us about your character, Jane Harper…

Before Copeland finds her she’s in various asylums all across England and has been from foster home to foster home. So when Copeland offers this experiment to extract this negative energy that’s inside her, she thinks it’s her last chance. We’ve all got our own roles within the group – Jared is like the father figure, but loads of fun too, and Sam, Erin and Rory are all like kids, really naughty round the set. We all gel. It definitely helps being in this little bubble, cos it helps you get into the story.

Is it easy to get into the horror zone?

The room that I’m always in is very bleak. All the windows are boarded up, so it does help get into character because you feel isolated and alone. It’s very surreal, very strange. It’s so real – and quite cruel! I’ve seen The Ring and The Grudge, and I wanted to steer clear of that kind of 2D scary girl. I wanted to bring an essence of innocence and naivety to Jane, something that an audience could relate to more than anything and not just a scary powerhouse of evil! I felt really strongly about trying to make this my own, as there’s going to be so many comparisons to other things.

What’s the appeal of horror movies?

I think everyone loves being scared – it’s the best when you’re in a massive cinema and everyone else is there screaming at the same time as you, and everyone laughs because they’ve just screamed like a girl. Woman In Black was such an amazing film, and it was one of the scariest experiences watching a horror I’ve ever had, so I think we’re in really good hands.

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