Olivia Cooke Central STAFF   January 23, 2015

PAPERMAGOlivia Cooke

Magnetic British actress Olivia Cooke, who Bates Motel fans know as the cystic fibrosis-stricken Emma Decody and One Direction fans know as Girl-Who-Gets-a-Piggyback-Ride-From-Harry-Styles in the “Autumn Term” video, shaved all her hair off for her role as a cancer patient in Me & Earl & The Dying Girl.
The movie, about a boy (Thomas Mann) whose mother (person-we-wish-we-were, Connie Britton) forces him to befriend a former Hebrew school classmate with leukemia (Cooke), may sound like dying-teen schmaltz, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Cooke tells the Verge, “Everyone’s saying: Is it like The Fault in Our Stars? But it’s completely different. My film isn’t a love story; it’s about friendship. And it feels a lot more raw.” We’re sold.

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