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A day with actor Olivia Cooke from Oscar nominated “Sound of Metal”, wandering in her very own cinema.
An absurd daydream directed by Scandebergs for Soho House April Lead Feature, 2021.

We meet the Sound Of Metal actor at Electric Cinema in Notting Hill ahead of the Oscars. She gives us the lowdown on solo cinema trips, gaming, and maintaining a healthy sense of the absurd

Like many of us, Olivia Cooke is looking forward to the end of lockdown. Unlike many of us, she had something of a practice run for this tumultuous last year while filming Little Fish, a movie about an airborne pandemic that causes people to lose their memories. ‘It felt so different making it and so far from reality that [at first] I didn’t even put two and two together,’ she says when asked about its uncanny prescience. Next, she appeared in the multi-award-nominated Sound Of Metal playing Lou, the girlfriend of a heavy metal drummer (Riz Ahmed) who loses his hearing. She’s also set to begin filming Game Of Thrones’ prequel House Of The Dragon.

Given such a busy schedule, is she still anticipating some fun this summer? Absolutely. ‘I’m never going to say no to anything again,’ she says forcefully.


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