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393 Screencaptures from The Signal (2014) have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

The Signal (2014) – Screencaptures

On a road trip, Nic and two friends are drawn to an isolated area by a computer genius. When everything suddenly goes dark, Nic regains consciousness – only to find himself in a waking nightmare.

Directed by William Eubank
With Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Laurence Fishburne, Beau Knapp…

Olivia Cooke Central STAFF   May 31, 2014


Q: How has “Bates Motel” changed the scope of your career?

OLIVIA COOKE: Tons! If I hadn’t got ”Bates Motel”, then I don’t think I’d be getting the movies that I’m getting to do now. (It) has put me on a platform and it’s become an industry darling and people love it and have been having really positive reactions to it. It’s an interesting character as well. I’m not playing the typical girl next-door, cheerleader thing. I’m playing a real, authentic person and that’s hard to find in other mediums. And people just seem to like me now, which is nice.

Q: How did you react the first time you saw The Signal?

OLIVIA COOKE: I was crying. It took my breath away. You’re kind of physically and emotionally wrecked afterwards cause you’ve gone on this trippy ride. (Beau Knapp’s) character does this huge hulk smash and you don’t know where he stands. Then you’ve got me flying around into another realm. You’re just left breathless. I was so proud of (Director William Eubank) and so proud of everyone. I couldn’t of asked for a better outcome with this movie. Will is so amazing and so talented and for him to put this all together – he’s going to do amazing things.

Q: The budget for this movie was only 2 Million. Was it easy to see the director’s vision during filming?

OLIVIA COOKE: The film completely exceeded my expectations. But after watching Love, Will’s first movie, I knew it was going to be visually impactful and beautiful. But being there, in a 120-degree heat, in the desert, you kind of can’t see too far into the beautiful visionary extravaganza that it is now. So I was really surprised. He’s made the impossible.

Q: Any specific challenges shooting in the deserts of New Mexico?

OLIVIA COOKE: I cannot handle heat. I’m in LA right now and it’s so hot. Everyone’s like, “oh you can just wear jeans and t-shirts”. But I’m dripping in this weather. I’m from England and we don’t get heat like this! In the desert, I sweated in places I didn’t know I could sweat from. And it’s so hard to kind of remain ethereal and kind of semi-attractive so the other characters would even want to touch you or carry you around the desert. The make up lady was constantly powdering me and I was just so sorry, like I couldn’t stop, I was like a waterbowl. And the altitude is really high in Albuquerque and my nose would start bleeding and I thought that wasn’t so healthy. But it kind of added to the high stakes and you just kind of pushed your body past what it was feeling on the exterior.

Q: You’re British and your co-star Brenton Thwaites is Australian. Was there a particular line in the script that you found difficult to master in an American accent?

OLIVIA COOKE: Me and Brenton were in the car, and I think I said “mirror”. Like, “meer-rawr”. And Will was like, “No! It’s meer-ror!” And me and Brenton were cracking up. We got to know each other really, really well and Will became like a big brother to me. So there’s a part in the film where I say, “What is it? Where am I?” and apparently I sound British in the film to Will. But there would be challenges. Like Will would get on set and hate what he wrote and would tell us to say what we wanted. And Brenton and I would be like, “Great, we just learned all of that in our American accents and now you want us to just say what we want? That’s great!” But only by being challenged, can you learn and be better.

Q: There’s a road trip element to the film. What artists do you think are essential for a great road trip mix?

OLIVIA COOKE: Arctic Monkeys! But you know, when you’re on a road trip, you need big, diva ballads to sing your heart out to. So Cher is good. Celine Dion is amazing. Adele, always. With road trips, you get very tired and I don’t drive so it’s always my friends driving. So you need tunes that everyone knows that you can belt at the top of your lungs.

Q: You live in London but frequent the US. Do you have a favorite place in Los Angeles?

OLIVIA COOKE: I went to Malibu for the first time. Someone was trying to teach me how to surf and it went horribly wrong. I got hit in the face with my surfboard. But after that, we went to this restaurant called “The Sunset” and on the top floor, we got this panoramic view of the sunset that day. And we just saw tons and tons of whales just swimming by. Watching whales just swim by? You don’t get that in England at all.

The Signal sets to blow your mind on June 13th.

Olivia Cooke Central STAFF   April 10, 2014

THISISFAKEDIY.CO.UKWe speak to the star of The Quiet Ones and Bates Motel plus reveal a new clip from the film.

Legendary horror studio Hammer have teamed up with Lionsgate for the chilling film The Quiet Ones, out on Thursday April 10th.

Inspired by true events, The Quiet Ones is the story of single minded Oxford Professor Coupland (Jared Harris) who takes his best students off the grid and embarks on a dangerous experiment to create a poltergeist. His theory is that paranormal activity is caused by negative human energy and conducts a series of tests on a disturbed young patient, Jane Harper (Olivia Cooke). Needless to say, things take a turn for the terrifying…

We caught up with down to earth rising star Olivia Cooke for an intimate roundtable interview ahead of the films world premiere to discuss her part in The Quiet Ones and her future projects including the hit TV show, Bates Motel.

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Here’s the new poster for William Eubank’s The Signal from Focus Features :

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Nick and Jonah are MIT freshmen with a passion for hacking. While driving cross-country through Nevada with Nick’s girlfriend, Hailey, they follow rival hacker Nomad’s clues to a location 180 miles away. After a terrifying confrontation with Nomad in the middle of the desert, the trio regain consciousness in captivity. Struggling to comprehend the true nature of their confinement, they discover they are part of a plot much larger than themselves.