Olivia Cooke Central STAFF   April 10, 2014

EURONEWS.COMGuaranteed retro chills for new British horror movie ‘The Quiet Ones’.

Set in 1974, it tells the story of an Oxford University professor with highly unorthodox methods, who brings together a team of students to document his attempt to create a poltergeist.

The cast hit the red carpet in London for the world premiere.

Starring British actors Jared Harris, Sam Claflin and Olivia Cooke, the film was produced by legendary Brit-horror studio Hammer, which has been making scary movies since the fifties, including Frankenstein and Dracula.

Simon Oakes, the President and CEO of Hammer Films, explained the plot: “The film is about two things. Mainly it’s about control and power and relationships, and it’s about an experiment that goes wrong and it’s about scares. So it’s a proper psychological horror film,” he said.

The role of Professor Joseph Copeland is played by Jared Harris, who praised the spirit of the movie: “I really liked that it was sort of one of those old fashioned type of supernatural thrillers where you’re allowed to really take your time in developing the story and the characters and they make you wait for it,” said the actor.

Rising British actor Sam Claflin, who plays one of the students, said. “I’m sort of the outsider, the guy that’s sort of brought into the group purely to document the experiment but yeah, he sort of becomes part of the family.”

Olivia Cooke’s character is a young psychiatric patient pushed to the edge of sanity during the experiment. “She’s been in Joseph’s (Dr. Joseph Copeland) care for about six months and she believes, herself, that this is her last chance and if she’s not cured then she will eventually take her life,” said Cooke.

Based on real events that occured in Toronto in the 1970s, the film offers all the elements of a classic horror movie – which is precisely what one reviewer deplored, saying there’s little here that’s exactly new or fresh.

‘The Quiet Ones’ is on worldwide release from this month.

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