Olivia Cooke Central STAFF   April 03, 2014

4 scans from SFX Magazine have been added to the gallery . You can read below a transcript from the interview .

Screaming Like A Girl
Olivia Cooke enters the House of Hammer

Tell us about your character, Jane Harper…

Before Copeland finds her she’s in various asylums all across England and has been from foster home to foster home. So when Copeland offers this experiment to extract this negative energy that’s inside her, she thinks it’s her last chance. We’ve all got our own roles within the group – Jared is like the father figure, but loads of fun too, and Sam, Erin and Rory are all like kids, really naughty round the set. We all gel. It definitely helps being in this little bubble, cos it helps you get into the story.

Is it easy to get into the horror zone?

The room that I’m always in is very bleak. All the windows are boarded up, so it does help get into character because you feel isolated and alone. It’s very surreal, very strange. It’s so real – and quite cruel! I’ve seen The Ring and The Grudge, and I wanted to steer clear of that kind of 2D scary girl. I wanted to bring an essence of innocence and naivety to Jane, something that an audience could relate to more than anything and not just a scary powerhouse of evil! I felt really strongly about trying to make this my own, as there’s going to be so many comparisons to other things.

What’s the appeal of horror movies?

I think everyone loves being scared – it’s the best when you’re in a massive cinema and everyone else is there screaming at the same time as you, and everyone laughs because they’ve just screamed like a girl. Woman In Black was such an amazing film, and it was one of the scariest experiences watching a horror I’ve ever had, so I think we’re in really good hands.

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